Monday, 27 July 2015

African female artists shock the art world with exciting exhibition in Lagos

Lagos State, the former Capital of Nigeria and the economic hub of Africa was last Sunday painted with different colours and themes of art exhibition, hosted by queens of arts in Africa. Call it rainbow exhibition, you are not wrong!
Tagged: ‘Design is the personality of an idea’, the exhibition was presented under the Female Artists’ Platform.
The exhibition was organised by African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) and supported by The Ford Foundation.
Newswatch Times gathered that Female Artists Development Project was launched in 2010 as an annual initiative for the promotion of a more gender equal creative industry.
The organisers, African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), said each year artists are chosen to work on a project relating to a theme and they are provided with production stipends to complete their works, along with final exhibition, mentorship programmes for young girls and public discussion expand the dialogue to a larger community.
According to The Female Artists Platform, the aim was to draw attention of female artists and designers living and working in Africa, in order to unearth and develop new talents, introduce new art forms, and highlight the diversity of women who are exploring ways to express themselves through visual art.
 “Female Artists Development Project also hopes to challenge these artists to take bold steps in their creative concepts and processes, they may have the freedom to create and exhibit works that are communicative, provocative and relevant. It seeks to shed light on the role of the artists in Africa society, to create awareness around female creative expression, and address her underrepresentation in the Nigerian contemporary art community. Currently in its third year, African Artists’ Foundation remains confident that the Female Artists’ Platform will continue to spur the development of artistic expression as a tool for empowerment and social development in Nigeria and Africa,” the organisers added.
African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary African art. Established in 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria, AAF aims to encourage the highest standard of art in African. It serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residences and workshop with the aim of unearthing and developing talents, creating societal awareness and providing platform to express creativity.
By providing assistance to professionals and emerging artists in Africa with support to international exhibitions and community outreach programmes, AAF also views the contribution to a strong cultural landscape in Africa as a transformative element in driving social change.  In addition to the programmes mentioned above, AAF also organises two flagship projects annually, the LagosPhoto Festival and the National Art Competition.

‘Tempting Fate’ hits cinemas

The highly anticipated and a great addition to the family entertainment film, “Tempting Fate,” will soon be released in Nigeria.
Starring Nollywood movie icon, Ramsey Nouah, who plays the role of Ugo, the film has been unveiled in Nigeria.
Nouah is one of two brothers who are portrayed in the film following two very different paths in life. Ugo finds the life of crime appealing and is encouraged to do soby Scorpion, the gang leader characterized by the much acclaimed Hollywood actor Dan Davies. Edu is the calm, devoted Christian brother of Ugo, who is afflicted with a life threatening illness. Edu is portrayed by debuting upcoming Hollywood actor Andrew Onochie. John Vogel provides an amazing performance as Detective Travis. The star studded cast consists of Tiffany Denise Turner as Tracey, Edu’s girlfriend, along with many other exceptional actors and actresses. 
“Tempting Fate is directed by Kevin Nkem Nwankwor (KNN), and he is joined by Director of Photography Sulekh Suman.Filmed in Hollywood using state of the art technology and supported by Panavision, red. Executive producers are Emmanuel Ojeah and Unoma Nwankwor.
 Events Company is Starbrands Ltd. The movie was released on Friday July 17TH, 2015 by Silverbird Film Distribution (W.A.) Ltd. and its currently running at major cinemas across the country. 
The Director, Mr. Nwankwor, has already earned an impeccable reputation for bringing out the best in any actor/actress who he works with. He has become a much sought after director by casting members, because of his skills in communicating of what he wants and expects, and providing very clear direction. These attributes work for the better of all those who come under his directorship.
Kevin Nkem Nwankwor’s success is partly due to the talent and skills he displayed in the writing, directing and producing of two internationally awarded short films: “Mothers Love” and “Enemy Within”.
He attributes his motivation to bring about change in the world through his passion for media. He strives to develop his skills through riveting storytelling supported with exceptional visuals, and insuring the message is delivered through precision audio.
An exemplary example of Kevin Nkem Nwankwor’s goals in life is seen in the film “Tempting Fate”. The story line of this soul touching film revolves around hope for the hopeless, and the union of families.
In a recent interview, Kevin states, “My reason for making the “Tempting Fate” film is tied to my vision. I was inspired to write this story based on current situations in our society, brothers no longer look out for each other, many people have given up on God and given up on life by making some dangerous decisions that will not only hurt them but people around them.”
There is no doubt that “Tempting Fate” will touch all of those who see it in a positive way. It will surely bring Kevin to the forefront as a new director, who can have a major impact on the lives of others through the entertainment media.  When the success of “Tempting Fate” comes to its conclusion Kevin will most likely attribute the success of the film to reaching its goal of showing that love must exist between man and his creator. The renewal of the spirit of forgiveness, nurturing the love in relationships, and most importantly that when man takes the wrong path in life, he only needs to turn to God for a new beginning.
Kevin’s directing debut in the award winning film “Tempting Fate” more than aptly delivers the message of all that this new and upcoming director stands for. It is the story of two brothers who are very different and have chosen two different paths in life.  It is packed with intrigue and action. Yet, what is portrayed through each of the brother’s actions and the storyline is something every viewer can relate to. “Tempting Fate” has the ability to change lives, leave a lasting impact, and present the challenge for everyone to take a look at where their path in life is leading them.
About Kevin Nkem Nwankwor (KNN):
Kevin is married to the highly esteemed Christian author, Unoma Nwankwor, who is well known for her writings of “Unexpected Blessing” “When You Let Go” and “A Scoop of Love.” Unoma is one of the executive producers of “Tempting Fate” and is keen on supporting Kevin’s aspiration to serve and excel in the Nollywood industry.  Kevin and Unoma are well rooted Christian couple residing in Atlanta Georgia, living their lives under the guidance of God and raising their two lovely children to walk the same path. The belief that “It’s never too late until…It’s too late!” is the foundation of Kevin’s philosophy and approach to life.

‘Baron of Broad Street’ set to launch on August 2

El Nukoya

The critically acclaimed author of the best selling ‘Nine Lives’ and winner of Ana-Jaccaranda Prize for prose, El Nukoya, has penned a new book titled ‘Baron of Broad Street’ set to launch on the 2nd of August, 2015.
 The book chronicles the polarized worlds of the Lagos impoverished and the affluent, living side-by-side, yet a world apart. It captures the limited prospect for mobility in an often negligent society, and the determination of a select crop of youths to take it upon themselves and change this seemingly rigid equation, by all means necessary.

Day Ijegba Forest came alive for Soyinka’s 81st birthday

Cast of Kongi's Harvest performing at the event

July 13 of every year is a special day in the history of Egba land Nigeria as a whole. It was the day the great poet, playwright, social activist and the first African to be honoured Nobel Prize in Literature, Professor Wole Soyinka, was born.
The Nobel Laureate’s hometown, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria was agog last week when people from all walks of life converged from July 12, to 15 to celebrate his 81th birthday.
The celebrant was unavoidably absent, but ably represented by his children, other family members and friends including Makin Soyinka.
In his goodwill message, Prof Soyinka welcomed guests and apologized for his absence which he described as one of those obligations that could not be deflected.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Eric Arubayi drops “My Everything”

Third runner up, Idols West Africa season 1, Eric Arubayi, is back with a new single.
Titled: "My Everything" it premieres on his birthday on major music platforms around Nigeria. 
Eric, described as a classic R&B/Soul artiste whose music basically summarizes the basis of our existence, survival and hustle through life is geared up towards his new single.
Having released his debut album in 2011 titled "Redefined" which saw him working with the likes of Jesse Jagz, he is most popularly known for major hits such as I go Make Am, Mr. DJ and One Love, One Voice.  
Arubayi's new single “My Everything ” tells a powerful, positive story of love and the mightiness of God and the love we can share with Him and one another, in a worship and piano- driven mid tempo ballad
Speaking on the single, Eric comments, “It's amazing how God has been a lot to me and a whole lot of people can relate to this, henc,e I call him my everything."

Monday, 13 July 2015

Soyinka: 81 hearty cheers to literary icon


Nigeria’s most influential author, poet, essayist and the first African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986,  Prof. Oluwole Soyinka, clocked 81 years today, July 13, 2014. 
Happy birthday Prof!!!