Monday, 18 January 2016

Visual story of Kakadu cast

Below is a statement by the Kakadu’s visiting artist, Polly Alakija. He said: “When I was approached by producer Uche Nwokedi, to be a “visiting artist”, to tell a visual story of the cast of Kakadu whilst they rehearsed, I was expecting that this would be a wonderfully hedonistic way to end the year. I had in my mind the visual feast of the first production, the costumes, the colour, the music and dance routines. How wrong I was!
“This production is no mere indulgence in the glamour and optimism of the 1960’s.
Sitting in on the rehearsals was so much more than this. What I witnessed was producer director and cast re-living and learning about the political situation in Nigeria in the 1960’s and how optimism turned into destruction and the pain and suffering that ensued.So my imagery could not be a mere visual representation of a cast in character. The line between being in character and living the pain has become blurred for this cast. I am not sure myself if I am representing cast or character, but the emotions are real, be it pain, outrage or joy.”

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