Monday, 29 February 2016

Global documentary filmmakers set to for #iREP2016


Documentary filmmakers around the world continue to have growing interest in the iREP Film Festival, this year, our international guest will include:
PROF. MANTHIA DIAWARA - Malian writer, filmmaker, culture theorist, scholar, and art historian. He holds the title of University Professor at New York University, where he is the Director of the Institute of Afro-American Affairs. Prof. Manthia Diawara will deliver a keynote speech, and his latest film Negritude: A dialogue between Wole Soyinka and Senghor, will be screened at the festival.
PROF. NIYI COKER JNR. - is the E. Desmond Lee Distinguished Professor of Theatre and Media Studies at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. He has directed over fifty major stage productions around the world. His film credits include; The Black 14 for FERPA PBS in 1995, Black Studies USA, Pennies for the Boatman, etc. His latest documentary film “Ota Benga: Human at the Zoo” will be screened at the iREP Film Festival.
JANE MOTE - Experienced, creative TV and multi-media programming executive with a reputation for breaking new ground. She works effectively with international and UK media companies and not-for-profits to develop strong brands and content. She is presently the Managing Director, beechtobeach Ltd, a media consulting firm and also the Consultant Editor for Whicker’s World Foundation.
STEVEN MARKOVITZ - South African film and television producer. He has produced, co-produced and executive-produced features, documentaries and short films including the acclaimed "Boy called Twist", "Behind the Rainbow" and "Viva Riva!”. Markovitz is the co-founder of "Encounters", the South African International Documentary Film Festival
ANDY JONES - An independent creative professional who specializes in documentary film. Brimming with ideas, he brings bags of energy and enthusiasm to everything he is involved in. His network of contacts in the UK, Africa, and internationally ranges from musicians and activists to entrepreneurs and politicians. He will be screening his film I Shot Bi Kidude at the festival.
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