Monday, 8 February 2016

Water Don Pass Garri, Moniyke's special Valentine gift to Nigerians

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Hybreed Music and Entertainment Company, Moniyke, in this interview with ADA DIKE, divulges why people should listen to his latest single, Water Don Pass Garri.
 A prominent record label owner in Nigeria and renowned musician, Moniyke, recently released a love song,  Water Don Pass Garri.  Born Ikechukwu Solomon Keneze, Moniyke’s unflinching affection towards mankind led him to use music to preach love. Hybreed Music act,  Water Don Pass Garri was produced by the combined effort of the Hybreed Team, mixed and mastered by Suka Sounds. According to the song writer, “This is a love song for the season. You just have to listen to  Water Don Pass Garri  by Moniyke.
He explains:  Water Don Pass Garri is a song which has its root on Highlife, but you can’t afford not paying attention to the Soul, Rhythm and Blues in it. It is a song which every single person who is totally in love and ready to take a relationship to the next level has to listen to. It is a beautiful song from the soul, deep down from the soul, and I am sure every person who is sincerely in love will like to play the song for his girlfriend (for the single men) or his wife (for the married) or his boyfriend (for girls) or husband (for married women).
“I have been hearing the phrase,  Water Don Pass Garri  from childhood but I realised that most times, when people say  Water Don Pass Garri, they always connect it to the negative direction. I understand that  Water Don Pass Garri is a phrase like an idiomatic expression that has to do with you being able to say this situation is beyond your comprehension or beyond what you can handle. Apparently, when the phrase came to my mind I thought about instead of putting it in the negative direction, to infuse it in the positive way, and I decided to write ' Water Don Pass Garri'  to be a love song. So it stands for the kind of love that you cannot resist and it seems overwhelming to your imaginations, and that is the inspiration for the song,” he added.

Moniyke emphasised on why the song was projected shortly before the Valentine’s Day: “This is a love season, so we are pushing further in the spirit of the season. The song was premiered on MTN Fresh on BEAT FM by Olisa Adibua and the feedback from listeners has been massive. It has been trending on Twitter. It is going to be spreading to other radio stations while we are preparing for the video. So we are taking this bold step this Valentine period to spread love to mankind. Late last year, it was posted exclusively on MTN Music Plus and it trended. The number of downloads we have so far is awesome. We also have it available on Tecno mobile. If you have a Tecno mobilevBoom Player app, you can as well search for  Water Don Pass Garri by Moniyke. It is available on  iROKING. We intend making it available on diverse places. It is going to be on Spinlet, Cloud9 and other platforms.”

The singer’s foray into music began when he was in the university. He was formerly the Creative Director of Farenheit Entertainment Limited from 2007 to 2013 before he set up his own organisation, Hybreed Music and Entertainment Company. He speaks on what informed his decision to set up his own company: “I have always told myself that I don’t want to do music for the sake of doing music. I have passion for the business, that is why, immediately I graduated from the university, I went into artistes’ management.
I was recording my songs while doing all those things because I needed to be grounded in the industry, so I had to lay my hands in the other aspects of the industry. It has been an experience I will never regret and thanks to the Almighty God for bringing me to this point that I am established not just an entrepreneur, but also a stakeholder in the entertainment industry. I have signed a couple of artistes in the past before projecting my career. This time, I and my team have decided to push the 'Moniyke' brand and ensure I am there before we pick up other talents.
Moniyke’s Public Relations Manager, Nelly Ohuche (Nelly-J), says, “Moniyke is a premium brand that brings to the table ingenuity and creativity, and with his dedication to his career, it gives his audience something new to look forward to for every material he puts out, and makes work a lot easy for us his team.”
This is his third single after  Were Obim and  Oh My God! (OMG!). Among these three songs, which one do you prefer? he was asked: “That is a very tough question, but I will say that the three songs are so dear to me.  Were Obim (Take My Heart) is a deep song that can connect to anybody, apart from the sense of love, it has a deeper understanding whereby, we all have to connect when it comes to love in our society. The song is saying ‘Take my heart and give me yours’. So if we  express love to each other sincerely, there will be peace in the world. That song goes beyond the man and woman love but other aspects of relationship in life.
OMG! is a very special song which is saying, “God’s blessing is overflowing in my life, He didn’t let them fall my hand.” That song is used as a medium to testify to God’s goodness in one’s life. Then, having  Water  Don Pass Garri, means telling people that we are ready to go into the next level with you. You can’t compare these songs. I think  Water Don Pass Garri is a step ahead because any song we put out has to be better than the last, but it is left for the lovers of my music to say the one they love most.”
Commenting on when he would release his sophomore album, Moniyke said: “I am doing everything possible and praying to God so hard that my first official album drops this year. My friends and fans all over the world have been calling and asking me when my album would be launched, so I don’t think about whether the marketers are going to pay me big money or not, I have made up my mind and trusting God to help me that the album drops this year and become a great success. The title of the album is ready and we have a compilation of songs that will make the album. We are going to be shortlisting the songs for the album maybe, towards the middle of this year.”
Among players in the entertainment scene he appreciates their works, Moniyke said Audu Maikori is his mentor. “When I look at the modern day entertainment industry and the way things are going, I used to love Questionmark due to their concept initially. But someone I respect so much is Audu Maikori due to the way he and his team have been able to push their brand and built a family that has stood the test of time with the likes of M.I., Ice Prince and others. Even though they have their individual brands, they are still together as Chocolate City. It is something I really do admire.
When it comes to the creative path, I really love the grace and the talent Don Jazzy has to push on from Mo’Hits to Mavin Records yet, he is still representing. His artistes including Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Dí’ja have good endorsements, that is something I admire too. God bless 2Face Idibia. Anytime I see him, I pray to God for the kind of grace he possesses, his humility is impeccable. I have met a lot of people in the entertainment industry; and I sense that humility is what lacking in our time. I hereby advise every artiste and whoever is in a position whereby he or she relates to people to stay humble. Above all, don’t trust in your talent, wisdom or intelligent, understand that God has it all. When you think of making it on your own, you will start to fall. You need God and people.”
Aside his music career, this industrious Production Technology graduate who hails from Anambra State is also a Business man and a Fashion Designer with a clothing line that speaks of his simplicity and creativeness.

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