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Why I wrote the book "This Is LAGOS Our Legacy" -Abbey Wilson

Abby Wilson

The enlightening book, This Is LAGOS Our
Legacy', authored by Princess Architect Abbey Wilson has received accolades from many people.

The book, according to Wilson, was written to equip pupils, students, Lagosians and non Lagosians with vital information about the Centre of Excellence, Lagos State.
This was corroborated by many people who witnessed the public presentation of the book held recently in Lagos. They attested that the 172-page book contains historical information about Lagos.

In her speech, Former First Lady of Lagos State, who was the Special Guest of Honour at the launch of the book, Dame Abimbola Fashola, eulogised Princess Wilson for writing the book.
According to the reviewer of 'This Is LAGOS Our Legacy, Mr. Lanre Oyeleye, a research consultant, the book which has great historical values traces the origin of Lagos from positive progenitor, Ogunfunmire, Olofin and Idejos periods, the British influence, the slave trade era with the Saros and Amaros settling in Lagos, to the Colonial era and finally, the present period.
"The book not only gives a detailed information about the evolution of the new settlement, but also discusses the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos today. It looks at the political and socio-economic  setups of the State and the achievement of the immediate past Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN). The book also talks about the Lagos of the future, with a particular reference to Eko Atlantic City. It lists some of the historical places in the State that would provide amazing insight into the historical and cultural evolution of native Lagosians," he explained.
In a nutshell, Oyeleye described the book as 'truly contemporary work of art'.
In the same vein, a retired Director, Lagos State, Mrs. C. I. Shogbamu, while praising the book said Wilson has eyes for details. "She will make sure whatever she is doing is properly done."
Shogbamu advised guests to emulate Wilson and go into fields that are different from what they studied in schools.
A renowned sculptor, Mr. Idowu Sonaya, said he was glad to have participated in the printing of the book.
A member of a charity organisation, Legacy, described the book as a  treasure and legacy too.
"The title of the book is sentimental to the group."
The author in her remarks revealed why she wrote the book by saying: "I have a sense of history and I noticed that not much is being done to take care of our historical aspect. Moreover, I wanted to know my root because my ancestors were sold out in slavery to Brazil and other parts of the world. Some came on the back of missionaries, some came back to Lagos and settled down.
"I wanted to find out what makes Lagos thick and the people that make up Lagos."
Wilson holds Master's of Art in Architecture and Planning. She is a practising architecture who has flair for creative writing. The talented writer has authored many books including: Pride of Africa - A Collection of Poems and African Proverbs; Beauty More Than Skin Deep; Nuggets of Wisdom for Success; Amazing Household Cleaning Techniques at Your Fingertips; Irresistible Quotes on Women, Love and Life; and Mind Your Manners!
Her hobbies are art promotion, photography, dressmaking and decorative pottery. She is also a social commentator.
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