Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Givers and Takers by Uzor Ngoladi

Givers and Takers

Giving gives you relevance. Taking gives you obscurity. Giving makes you an asset. Taking makes you a liability. Giving is a higher realm in the work of God and humanity. The world marvels at givers. The world loves givers. Every giver has the potential to be self sufficient because the natural laws of God has a time tested means of enriching givers. No giver will go unrewarded. The reward for giving is irreversible. With time, every man will receive as much as he has given. Reset your mindset to the mode of giving. There is nothing wrong with taking but do not get comfortable being at the receiving end. No man is too poor to give. Task your mind to be a giver.

Give to the poor and needy. Give to the high and mighty. Give to charity, give to worthy causes. Invest financially in the lives of people around you. Give to your children, spouses, brothers, sisters, parents, relatives, strangers, friends, church, mosque, etc. Whatever you give has a way of coming back to you multiplied. Most especially give to yourself. Your giving must be balanced and objective. As you give of your money, time, energy, talent; ensure that you don't leave yourself behind. For instance, as you pay school fees for others, enroll into a school and pay for yourself too. As you spend your income on other people who may not appreciate it, invest in yourself and business too. Do not allow takers suffocate you with their problems. They only value the money coming from your pocket, not you! 99% of takers do not really care about you. Their memories are too short to remember your sacrifices.

Do not allow anybody to blackmail or manipulate you to give. Most people assume that givers are foolish.  Giving is not weakness. A lot of people will rather keep their monies to themselves. Generosity is not stupidity. Do not spend your hard earned resources on lazy, irresponsible and ungrateful people with sense of entitlement. You do not owe them. People who are overly dependent, who plan to be a parasite and project to others should be avoided. You cannot out give God, so do not play God to any man. You are not the messiah. People will surely survive and live their lives without you. Be a wise giver. Thoroughly investigate everyone and situation before you give of your resources. People will fabricate lies to deceive you to give. There are lots of wolves and scammers out there seeking for whom to devour their income. Do not give them the chance. Budget your giving and give only after thinking through and convinced that people genuinely need help. Do not indulge family members, relatives and friends who want to lay claims to your income. They will ruin you and move on if you continue wasting your income on them.

'Givers never lack' may not apply in every situation. There are litany of cases where givers went bankrupt and remained broke due to reckless kindness. If you waste your resources on lazy parasitic folks, you will definitely loose your wealth and return to poverty. No man should force you to give. Beware of takers and receivers who constantly surround kind hearted individuals. Set your limits of giving because receivers are limitless. Keep chronic takers away from your space. It is better to give than to receive but do not be deceived. Do away with people who take your giving for granted. You must save and invest part of your income to sustain your giving. Learn to say no to perpetual beggars. It is better to empower people to fish for themselves.

Financial giving elevates you above average people because money defines most activities on earth. Money can be legitimate and illegitimate. Anywhere you see crime, you see money. Anywhere you see money, you see power. The human race require money to subsist, therefore whoever is bold enough to give of his income is overwhelmingly loved and adored albeit superficially. Every organization recognizes the importance of finance. You automatically become a solution to the world as you begin to give. Nothing is too small or too big to give, just determine to be a giver. The universe favors givers. God your creator loves cheerful givers and has a way of compensating them. Just give. The best relationships are symbiotic relationships. Don't be a notorious taker. Make sure you are adding value to people that come your way by giving something back no matter how small.

Uzor Ngoladi
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