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Total deliverance of the body necessary for mankind

Book review
Book title: Total Deliverance of the Body

Author: Oluwasanmi Samuel
Publisher: Oluwasanmi Samuel Bright
Year of publication: November 2015
Pages: 110
Reviewer: Ada Dike

 “Total Deliverance of the Body,” written by an end time revival fire preacher, Oluwasanmi Samuel, is a unique manual one can use to deliver him or herself from the claws of the evil ones.
Written and packaged in a well planned manner, readers are aroused and held in an intriguing and fascinating mood if he or she finishes reading the 110-page-book which contains eight chapters with topics and prayer points. It is an eye opener for those who wish to know how they can be delivered from the power of darkness in these perilous times.
Oluwasanmi Samuel
The First Chapter, aptly titled, “When Your Body is Under Attack”, described the body under attack as the body that has become a satanic container. According to the former the president, Youth End Time Fire Fighter Evangelistic Ministries, from the nature of man, he is made up of essentially, a spirit. “Man’s body is the temple of God’s spirit.” Emphasizing what makes up a man, he says, “Man is triune, that is, “three in one”. Man is a spirit that has a soul and is living in a body. The spirit of man is the candle of the candle of the Lord. The human spirit is the centre of conscience and discernment providing a window of God’s light to bring spiritual understanding to our inner man. If one’s spirit man is defeated in the spirit realm, that is the end of that life. The soul consists of the mind, emotion and will. The mind is for thinking and reasoning. Emotion is for feelings and the will is for choice and reasoning.”

He expatiated further by saying that the body of man is wonderfully made of God. “It is the temple of the Holy Ghost.” He itemized what happens when someone’s body is under attack as: premature aging, unprofitable heaviness of the body, slow progress in life, ugliness, sluggishness in everything and feeling isolated.
Others include: unexplainable hatred, marital failure, appearance will generate rejection, benefits are given to others, exchange of destiny, breakthrough, glory, position, among others.  On way out, he suggests, “You must give your life to Jesus, offer your body to God, pray for restoration of your real body, go for deliverance, live a holy life and so on.
In Chapter Two, the author discusses “When Your Skin Needs Deliverance” and advises man to go for deliverance when his skin is attacked and is under bewitchment. He mentioned Naaman the commander of the army of the King of Syria as someone that had skin problem who was made whole after he hearkened to an instruction from Elisha to wash himself in the muddy water of River Jordan. Definition of skin, as was functions of the skin is explained in this chapter. He itemized way out from attacks to include: (1) Repent of all sin and come out because sin is a tragedy, committing sin is outright destruction of oneself. (2) Live a holy life unto God. (3) Wash and clean in the blood of Jesus. (4) Call for the fire of the Holy Spirit. (5) Eat good food and good drink. (6). Pray on honey and egg then apply them on the affected skins personally.
Chapter Three takes us into “Deliverance from Bloodline”. In this chapter, the great man of God mentioned bloodline to include: bloodline as blood stream, family background, passion, temperament and reoccurring tragedy. He maintains that blood can speak as can be found in Gen 4:10.Other subheadings under this chapter are: Demons and Problems of Evil Bloodline (Insanity, delay in child birth, poverty, anger, polygamy, untimely death, rising and falling syndrome, among others.), Breaking your Umbilical Cord from an Evil Bloodline and 12 Prayer points.
This takes us to Chapter Four in which the author discusses “Battles Against Enemies that eat flesh and drink blood. He makes us to know that their operations are not only in the spiritual but also in the physical and they are spreading like wild fire.
Aptly titled, Chapter Five “O God arise and Change my Perfume” contains definition of perfume with Bible passages, Facts About the Spiritual Smell, Kinds of Spiritual Smell, Good Smell/Perfume and The Power of Perfume. Others are: What is the Power of Perfume? Danger of Carrying Evil Perfume, Danger of Carrying Evil Perfume, Jesus has Interest in Good Smell and What To Do, etc.
Chapter Six is titled, “Your Hair Shall Again”. The man of God points out that “there are many wicked and dangerous spiritual barbers who have sharpened their scissors, clippers and barbing tools to give innocent and blind believers strange cuts, thereby introducing shame, dishonor, backwardness, sorrow and expose the head to starlessness, crownlessness and stark of glory.
“When the Spirit-man is in Prison”, the topic for Chapter Seven is devoted to explain that many people walking to and fro, walking up and down, walking from pillar to the post are prisoners of satanic prison.”Beloved, every soul and spirit that is imprisoned is wailing for final judgment, according to Isaiah 24:22.
The author in the last chapter “Fire In The Bones” posits, “Beloved, God expects fire on your head, tongue, eyes, hands, in your blood and in your bones. …Until fire enters into your bones you can still backslide. He makes us to understand that fire restores and transforms us into a new man, destroys the works of darkness, revives, regenerates, stirs up our Spirit, burns, produces like, cooks and purifies. “When fire enters into you, it purifies and burns away all the chaffs in your life, be it sicknesses, growth that do not glorify God, it burns them out.
The author, perhaps, because of his theological and in-depth spiritual background in his narrative revealed the monstrosity of the wicked ones.
Samuel encountered the lord at the age of twelve, then saved and served Christ in Christ Apostolic Church, in different capacities. He later joined the Mountain
of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) in 2001 as a Deliverance Minister.
He has since risen to the rank of senior pastor in M.F.M. He holds Master’s degree in Bible Theology. He is happily married to Onaara Adedoyin Oluwasanmi and they are blessed with God fearing children.
The book, neatly and colourfully designed in both lettering and outlay for easy reading has a catchy and apt title while its cover is beautifully designed. Except some omissions of question marks on page 32 and page 55 plus an omission of the word ‘fast’ on the fourth paragraph on page 14 which I believe the author will correct when printing next edition, there is no noticeable error in the book.
It is a good self- help book for deliverance. I hereby recommend it for all those who want to be delivered from demonic powers and attacks.

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