Monday, 18 January 2016

Sleep well Late Prof. Matilda Foluke Ogunleye (nee Adesina)

Prof Ogunleye

The car seemed to race into the unknown, whilst an enemy waited in ambush.
He struck, stealing our treasure! I wish our wrath could on him be poured! Matilda, the thought of you brought inexpressible joy.
But this blessed delight at you has begun to be interrupted by the sudden appearance of deprivation!
Yes, deprivation of your unforgettable touch, your beautiful words, your graceful presence.
Oh but I rejoice! For death is not wise, its purpose was to terminate, so the outcast would feel he had control of human existence, and instill fear in all who heard of Matilda's exit, but what was beyond him, was separating her from her Saviour's Love, so that she lies in perfect tranquility.
This is comfort, great comfort, but wait shall we, for the moment when we are united in the same tranquility, when the Father raptures us into His Lovely Embrace. Sleep well.
By Oluwanifemi Babalola,
Deptartment of English,

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