Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Valentine special: “Readers are great lovers” says CRIMMD DG

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, students from various schools in Alimosho Local Government Developing Area of Lagos State gathered at the Centre for Research and Information Management and Media Development (CRIMMD) to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.
In his opening speech, the Director General of CRIMMD, Dr Raphael James, remarked: "At CRIMMD, in a day like this, we are being creatively divisional by redirecting students’ mental energy to a high level for growth beyond the emotion of love which are easily subjected to abuse in spite of our determined effort previously to be our strong self emotionally. Years of research have taught me that: readers are great lovers because in reading for personal growth, we achieve a sense of intellectual selfhood we never knew before on what to do to ourselves and how to develop our own capacities for the betterment of our society."
The Valentine Book reading commenced right on time by 1pm. During the book reading, Nigeria's youngest published author Ambassador Oluebubechi Sharon James, read from her book "FREEDOM", the book she wrote at the age of six. Other books read included: "Muhammed Buhari - Nigeria's Seventh Head of State" by Rosaline Odeh 1984; "Broken Beautiful Pot" by Uloma Naomi James and "Fellow Nigerians"  by Dan Agbese. There was also a talents display section; news casting in Pidgin, dancing and fastest eater competition.
 Kayode Tijani, showed a documentary on Nigerian sports from 1928 to date and there was a Valentine cake cutting section.
  The students had a swell time of fun and better than they came.       

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